Fudanshi Koukou Seikatsu

English title: The Highschool Life of a Fudanshi

Now, if you’re new to the anime community or simply haven’t delved too deeply into the various sub-genres and terminologies embedded in it, you may wonder what a fudanshi is. To cut it short, a fudanshi is a guy who is obsessed with BL (boy’s love). the female equivalent is a fujoshi. Now, these therms aren’t usually seen as something positive, they’re used mostly to simply write someone off as a bit of a freak. But HEY, who cares?! At least them made an anime about it.

The man character is a guy called Sakaguchi, nickname Gucci, who is, as the title implies, a fudanshi. The whole joke of almost every episode is how deeply he loves loves BL manga/anime. Later in the show, he’s also hit on by Daigo, but vehemently tries to avoid him. I found it kind of strange that for as much as Gucchi loves BL, he’s strangely homophobic in real life. However, I assume this is because he’s straight and therefore finds it a little uncomfortable to have guys hit on him. Still, Japan isn’t known for its great tolerance of LGBTQ people, so his attitude wasn’t surprising.

This show is one of those short ‘4 minutes an episode shows’ and so it’s there for a laugh, not to get too deeply attached to the characters. However, there are short anime that do make me feel really emotionally attached to the characters. The main example here for me is Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken which is a show that, for me, managed to combine humour and seriousness very well. This show doesn’t quite measure up to that, but it’s still funny. The main joke is that Gucchi and Nishihara, both equally obsessed with BL, are being pushed as the ‘main couple in the making’, which is kind of unusual for an anime that deals with gay themes. Usually, in those kinds of anime, everyone turns out to be gay. This is a fun little show and since it’s so short, it’s hardly a time commitment to watch it. It’ll take you under an hour to watch all the episodes. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh, at any rate.

I hear ya, Gucchi… Girlfriends or OTPs, you can only have one.






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