About me


Thanks for clicking on this rather unimportant rambling site of mine. This is a space where I review anime, manga, books, and movies that I have recently watched or read. This is mostly for my own sake, but also because I’m a human being with a lot of opinions. After having been addicted to literature and visual media for years, to the extent that I have a BA and an MA in English Litterature, I think it’s about time I tried to sort my thoughts out.

I have a pretty bad tendency of forgetting what I have read or watched, choosing to immediately move on to the next thing. To prevent this from happening, or at least reducing my memory loss a little by dwelling on the contents through a blog post, I will try to post a review or a small little opinion under the relevant headings. To make everything a bit more orderly, I have sorted my posts into groups, depending on what kind of media or literature they are. Maybe that will make it easier for you guys to pick exactly what you’re interested in too! Or so I hope…

Anyway, I’ve gone for too long with what is a very easy to explain subject. Basically: this is a space for me to review what I like. Hopefully, you’ll find it interesting.